The Best Practices To Manage Your Cold Rooms

Cold room arrangements are perfect for putting away a lot of transitory merchandise in business refrigeration guidelines to protect them for sometime later. Africhill introduce and keep up an assortment of Freezer Rooms arrangements, from store plans to polyurethane protected rooms.  Our cold rooms would allow saving the quality and security of your transitory merchandise from reaping or producing completely.



The use that you can make of the cold rooms

Anything from refrigerated sustenance to pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals requires Freezer Room for their storage. The cold rooms that we manufacture and install will enable you to have such storage which will maintain the quality and freshness of your products.


The reasons for our excellence

We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of top quality refrigeration rooms, cold rooms and freezer rooms best suiting client’s refrigeration requirements and applications in Africa. We are experts in designing, manufacturing and installations of all cold and freezer rooms and blast freezer rooms. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed a variety of cold rooms throughout the entire Africa for a wide variety of applications.


Best of constructions

We use modular panels to construct cold rooms and they are pre-manufactured according to the design to reduce installation time. The Freezer Room is manufactured from chromadek or Zink-Alum steel on both sides and laminated on expanded fire retardant Polystyrene, with tongue and groove male and female joints to insure structural strength and no thermal bridges. The insulated panels is strong and highly energy efficient – saving you money on your utility bills.

Ease of use

You can easily walk through the cold rooms that you have from us and manage the goods that are stored within.


Ease of fabrication

Do you need a pre-assembled cold room? In such situation, you can place an order of Do-It-Yourself cold room kit. Look no further than our cold rooms. To DIY cold room kit installation, you need to fit all the panels together and install the Freezer Room. With the unique design, our panels do not need any nails, silicon or glue to combine and the refrigeration units need to be plugged in.

So, when you desire to have the best of solutions for storage of perishable goods do contact us at Africhill dialing +27 (0) 11 979 1885.


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